Saturday, July 18, 2015

M. Dante, Sister and Sex Worker

M. Dante` is a Red Umbrella advocate, speaking out about disparities of the sex industry since the early 1990s. Transcending homelessness herself via the industry, and maintaining industry affiliations, she supports the New Zealand model of decriminalization.  Her 2003 Goddard College BA senior study, “XXX: A Cultural Exploration of Contemporary Feminism’s Relationship with Commercial Sexuality” offers discussion on the varying definitions of feminism, along with contemplation on what defines mutually consensual erotic labor services or sex work, forced prostitution during armed conflict or war, and trafficking. M. Dante assists on projects with: Community United for Safety and Protection (CUSP), the Diabolique Foundation, the Erotic Literary Salon (ELS), Erotic Services Providers Union (ESPU), the ESLPER Project, Fundamentals of Communication and Kindness (FUCK) Workshops at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), Lady Dahlia Entertainment, Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalition (PATC), Scantily Clad Storytelling hosted by Eris Vale, SEXx Interactive in affiliation with Sex with Timaree and GALAEI, Philadelphia FIGHT, Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP)-USA, SWOP-Philly, Project SAFE, Victoria Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit (VWSFS), International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education (ISWFACE), Reverend Beverly Dale and the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith; and more!

M. Dante is herself a sex worker, and also – according to the current federal definition - a former victim of domestic minor sex trafficking as a result of being homeless as a teenager and young adult. She is actively contemplating legitimate opportunities to participate and contribute to the evolving needs of those whose lives are touched by consensual sex work, or coercion by sex trafficking.

“I desire clear, quantifiable, and qualitative outcomes as a result of innovative community collaborations, crossing class and cultural borders, generating entirely new opportunities from what is – I believe defined as - a current state social and economic crisis.” 

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